Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Mixed Fruit Drink

 Last month I shared some Blue Diamond Almonds Breeze Almond Coconut drinks and other recipes with a few Moms I know through the Green Moms Meet Ambassador Program. I really liked the idea of a Almond milk mixed with coconut milk, and it tasted as great as I thought it would. I looked a some of the drink recipes I got in my kit and decided to make a Mixed Fruit drink with the fruits I had in my freezer. I have learned the trick to a great smoothie to be like a Jamba style where its firm and not runny is to use frozen fruit.

My son always the little helper, picked the fresh mint from our garden to be our garnish. He sniffed it over and over telling me its nice. So cute! 

We made our recipe with Blue Diamond Almond and Coconut Milk Sweetened, 1 frozen banana, frozen sliced strawberries, frozen mixed berry that included cranberries, frozen pineapple and  1 tube of go-gurt. I like to use whatever I have on hand to make drinks and popsicles for my son. He always loves them no matter what kind of fruit is in them.

To make my drink extra special I layered it with whipped topping. Using the frozen fruit in the blender allowed for me to layer the drink since it was firm and not runny.  Next time I am thinking I will make two drink flavors and layer them for a fun color contrast. Who wouldn't want to drink a delicious, pretty and good for you drink like this one!

 When I make smoothies I normally dont measure just kind of toss in what I have so I normally have extras. I place them in my Popcicle maker for dessert later in the week or a lunch time treat for my son.

*I was sent a Green Moms Meet Blue Diamond Almond Breeze kit. I was not compensated for this post.


Betty Roberts said...

oh wow this looks good!

Mom Foodie. said...

We drink almond milk in my house, and since putting my daughter on a gluten & dairy free diet to see if it helps with her autism, I even cook with it. For most things I like it better... just need a whipped cream version :)

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