Thursday, July 26, 2012

Makeover Your Man with MaLo Underwear

Who says Men's Underwear has to be boring??!! My husband is a man of comfort. If it has worked for the last 10 years why change it seems to be his attitude about underwear. I am so tired of seeing plain and starting to fade in color undies when I do laundry. The same bland colors over and over. His clothing is up to date, his shoes too so I convinced him he should try updating his undies as well.

We went shopping at Target to buy some of the new MaLo Mario Lopez Underwear and Undershirts. I read online about a few of the designs they had for the MaLo brand. I showed a few to my husband that I knew he would try. My husband can be picky about things I buy for him, he and I have opposite ends of what we think is stylish.

My first thought when we arrived at Target and saw many of the items were not in stock was oh no! I knew my husband likes the plain one color type of things but I remained hopeful he would be willing to try something new. I told him how it was Mario "Slater" Lopez designs so it must be cool! :)

Target was out of stock on the MaLo Purple or Black undies that had the MaLo logo in the corner, the ones I showed a picture to my husband to convince him to try them. They did have these ones that I think are cute, but my husband thought they were a bit kid like. I mentioned how they will make him feel younger and more cool. He just smiled and said he will try them to see how comfortable they are. (note to self dont tell your husband ANYTHING will make him feel younger its an implication he is old lol) 

We wandered around Target for a while looking at toys, movies, sports, electronics, typical guy stuff since my husband and son were with me. We had fun looking around getting ideas for gifts and decor. My son just had his last two balls popped by the dog so we decided to get him a new one. These ones were huge and on sale!

Love the SF Giants!

Purchasing our #MaLoUnderwear

 We ended up buying one pack of MaLo Trunk Undies, MaLo Tank Tops and a big yellow ball. My son carried more items all around the store but we made him pick just one. You can read more about our shopping trip and the silly things my son does while we shop in my Google+ Story.

Here is the boring faded before items I am  trying to get my husband to replace with MaLo items.

Old Underwear we are replacing with MaLo

At home with the new MaLo items. I was excited to hear what my husband thought of them.

 I ask my husband for his honest opinion of the MaLo Underwear and Tanks. He said the undies fit a little big for the size on the legs and the band was a bit big but the tanks were comfy. He also added they are good summer undies since the material is thin. He wants to keep an eye out for the plain ones like the tanks with the MaLo design to have the underwear that matches. He did suggest underwear designs that reflect the design on the front of the Roman / Greek statue theme. I thought that would be a fun idea too. Although I did tell Mario Lopez at a twitter party I thought Glow in the Dark Super Heroes would be cool, see how opposite ends of style my husband and I are lol. 

We did have the chance to go through his closet and bag up items to donate, others to sew into a winter blanket for the dog (yes I am a thrifty upcycler when I can be) Some of the items were tshirts, sweatshirts and some socks. I could not get him to part with his old comfy stuff but he is wanting to add to his wardrobe more of the MaLo items so its a start!!

*I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and MaLo #CBias #SocialFabric



Marybeth @ said...

I love all your pictures! It looks like you had a great shopping trip! I bet your son loves that ball!

Lena B said...

It is an awesome thing that your got your husband's opinion in it too - he is the expert after all

Unknown said...

My husband choose the purple & black. He loves the way they feel.

Mallery said...

Way to get him to step out of his comfort zone!

Unknown said...

Good job clearing out the closet! I love the comic book print MaLo undies the best.

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