Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Saturday Spent Shopping For Vintage Clothes

Yesterday my daughter Megan and I spent the day going to vintage boutiques and thrift shops.
When did I become this lover of all things old, recycled, and, truth be told, second hand stuff? I used to turn up my nose at all this, but now I love it, and the thrill of looking for a specific item is addicting.

The windows of this shop called Pretty Parlor really were very charming. I love that Seattle is filled with so many shops like this. We spent the day wandering from shop to shop and looking at everything. I was actually looking for some light summer sweaters but didn't find any I liked. But that was ok because it's a good excuse to go out next weekend and look again.
How about you, have you caught the vintage bug yet? Do you love buying vintage? Do tell!
And have a great Sunday!

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