Monday, May 21, 2012

Mornings are Naturally Sweeter with Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss

After shopping at Walmart for the new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss coffee creamer I was eager to rush home and try it. I also bought the coffee and sugar I use with my coffee. My new green mug I was excited about too. I like to buy coffee mugs. I find it fun!

As soon as my son saw the natural Kashi cookies I purchased at Wamart he grabbed one. He loves cookies so I have been trying to give him healthier cookies. Its a simple switch just like the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer. You get the same great taste its just a healthier choice.

My first trip to Walmart I purchased the Sweet Cream and Vanilla flavors. The Caramel one was all out of stock. I went back a few days later and found the Caramel one. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with the Natural Bliss Caramel on Mother's Day and it was creamy and sweet. So good!

When I had all three flavors purchased I decided to have an official test taste. I wanted to compare all the flavors to decide which one was my favorite. I made 3 cups of coffee and added the creamer. I noticed I did not have to use as much sugar to make it sweet like when I use the other creamer I have been buying. If you would like to try Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss you can get a $1 off two Coupon to redeem at your local Walmart.

I used less sugar than I normally do.

Vanilla was even good in a smoothie I made earlier in the week. Gave the tart fruit I had in the smoothie a nice sweetness.

Vanilla was great! It gave my coffee the flavor I have been missing with my other brand of creamer.

This was my FAVORITE! Wow good!

I have been using a Natural Coffee Creamer for over 5 years now and have missed having a flavor to my coffee. I love the flavor of great coffee beans but some days really want a sweet cup of coffee. Sugar cannot give a flavor just sweetness. Finally my quest for a Natural Coffee Cream with flavor is over! I can now enjoy a Coffee Creamer that has one 4 natural ingredients, milk, cream, sugar and natural flavors. #NaturalBlissWM

I was previously using Horizon Organic. It can be harder to find in stores. I have had to drive to a neighboring city to get it for my coffee. Just to have something natural but still no flavor. I had my husband try the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss and he admitted it was nice to have some flavor to his coffee too. Hes a tough one to try to change his routine and him saying it was a nice change was great! I will totally be buying these creamers again. The vanilla and caramel both are ones I would love to go back and forth on. Oh the joy of having flavorful coffee again is well, BLISS! :)

You can read my Google+ Story about my shopping trip to Walmart to buy Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss and discover with me the other Natural items at Walmart.

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Unknown said...

I'm in the same boat as you - wanted something natural, but could never find anything other than organic, unflavored creamer. It's so nice to have a yummy new option. I also loved the caramel the best!


I used less sugar, too! That's another benefit of the Natural Bliss!

Unknown said...

Mmm, cookies and coffee!

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