Monday, May 21, 2012

Is My Apple Juice Safe?

 I enjoy drink juice. I find it refreshing and often a quick way to get some fruits and veggies. I have seen these signs all over the juice aisle and now wonder is it the brand over the sign or all the juices on this shelf. There is a store brand and a Natural brand on this shelf and I am not sure which one to buy. Lead in the juice and it can cause birth defects and reproductive harm. Seriously, and its still on the shelf? Its baffling to me that knowing it has lead they still sell it, just put up a little sign so they cant say we did not warn you. Its juice, kids are a main consumer of juice. Its also right next to a sticker that represents the CA nutrition program for kids and pregnant women. So do they endorse this juice? It does NOT seem like a good thing for kids and pregnant women to drink if there is lead in it. I LOVE apple juice and grape juice I now need to find out which ones dont contain lead. I am sure there has to be some, right???

Do you have these warning labels on the juice aisle in your state?


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