Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gardens, Kids and Dogs

Over Memorial Day weekend we decide we would build a raised garden bed and plant lots of fruits and veggies. We had a blast doing it (I will be sharing my plan later this week) but I did not realize the complications of dogs and kids lol. My son wanted to use every tool he saw, I was hit in the head with the rake, he wanted to throw dirt at everyone and wanted to pick the leaves off of everything. He had fun hes just a wild boy when it comes to new things. He called everything apples that were plants. The dog is something I had not considered being a issue. She has never been a digger, well until this weekend. The first day we put down the first level of wood and dirt and planted a few things. The next morning we woke up to holes in the garden, plants eaten and the garden soil we purchased all over the lawn! Oh my was it nuts. Plus she even decide to go on a doggy adventure when she spotted the garage door open. We got her back since she stopped on the next street over to sniff a pile of trash. Its been crazy trying to keep track of my son, the dog and plant the garden. But we had so much fun and made lots of great memories. I look forward to sharing our frugal garden plans with everyone.

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