Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frugal Finds and Great Stuff At The Goodwill

This weekend I went to the Goodwill Memorial Day sale. I got there early and the store was already packed with shoppers.

If you are familiar with the Goodwill's ticket pricing, then you know that price tags are marked with a color. On Monday all pink ticket items were on sale for 99 cents. All blue and red tickets were on sale for 40% off. With prices already low, no wonder everyone's cart was piled high.

I bought all the items in the picture above for less than $25, and saved $40! I also had a great time looking at everything, and spent the afternoon there.

These jeans were in great condition and originally $8 each. But they were pink ticket items, so they were just  99 cents! One pair was Eddie Bauer, a favorite up here in the Northwest.

I'm a label shopper and I love J. Crew, but they are an expensive brand. I got these great J. Crew capri's for only $2. I love them and I'll get a lot of wear out of them this summer.

This is a cute Ralph Lauren summer top that was originally $4.99, but it was a pink ticket item and so it was only 99 cents. I love Ralph Lauren, and it's always a favorite brand to look for while shopping at thrift stores. Some of my other purchases were from Anthropologie and The Gap.

These sandals are almost new, and at $3, I couldn't pass them up. I don't usually buy shoes here, but these were in such great shape that I did.

Love these 99 cent pink tickets! I even got some pajamas for that price that were almost like new. I love having lots of cozy jammies, so at this price I can buy quite a few.

I even picked up this pretty white flower vase. It was 40% off, so it only cost $1.80. I now love shopping in thrift stores, and it's fun to make it a challenge to find things I really like.
My daughters love thrift store shopping too, so it's a great weekend activity for us. And with garage sale season just around the corner, I can see I'm going to be busy.

Happy Hunting!

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