Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Pay Phone In Seattle?

Do you remember when this was all we had to use when we left home? No cellphone, iPhone, Smart Phone, or any other kind of phone, just the phone on the street. How did we survive?
I saw this phone on a street in Seattle recently, and it's one of the very few public phones that I have seen left in the city. I can remember as a teenager using these phones, sometimes receiving good news, and once, heartbreaking news. All the while standing in the street, as people walked by.
How far we have come, where everyone now walks down the street, phone in hand and every conversation can be heard.
                                             Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

1 comment

Betty Roberts said...

so true i remember those days its crazy there use to be a pay phone everywhere you turned, last time i spotted one was a year ago

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