Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Fun with Art and Music at Festival de la Familia

Living near Sacramento and Cal Expo we have the opportunity to attend all sorts of festivals. We love to get outside to enjoy the food and music. On Sunday April 29th we had the opportunity to attend Festival de la Familia. This year the festival was celebrating 21 years of hosting a celebration of Latino Cultures. This was also the first year we went to see all the excitement. We thought about going last year but our son was so little I did not think there would be much for him to do. But I was wrong. There is so much for kids to do at this event.

The event had food, music, kids craft areas, lots of booths to win prizes, stages with performers and the atmosphere was an upbeat happy feeling. Everyone was smiling enjoying good food, family and music.

My son thought this bear was great. He got a sticker and a balloon from him.

They had 3 stages with music and dancing. We saw many great performances representing several countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia and many more. I loved all the beautiful costumes and how there was little kids in some of the performance. My son enjoys music and dancing so he was loving all the music.

The food area was covered from the heat of the sun. The beautiful flags of the Latino countries represented at the festival lined the ceiling.

Many vendors such as Safeway provided free snacks and samples of drinks.

One of my favorite parts of Festival de la Familia was the art exhibits. We had the opportunity see beautiful art work from 21 artists. The artist were happy to explain meaning and technique to us and had items for sale. One of my favorites was the Sugar Skull made of sugar. Another great artist is Diego Marcial Rios. He was painting a piece during the exhibit and had beautiful paintings made with acrylic paint on canvas.

These pieces of art were made from recycled materials. I love the Birch Tree one.

 After seeing all the art work we went back outside to see some of the interactive booths for kids. My son likes sports so we let him show off his putting skills. ( He did think it was a driver at first and whacked it really far, thankfully the volunteers were nice enough to run after the ball). We also bought tickets to go into the bounce house. My son always asks but this was the first time we let him go in. He was about half way through when he got scared, cried and had to come back out. He is a trooper for trying. Maybe next year he will make it to the exit. He got to see horses and even throw a baseball. There was so much to do and we had a ton of fun.

Exhausted from all the fun stuff we did we had some great food and drinks while we watched a band play on the main stage. They had a boy who did not look any older than 6 years old as the singer. Even though we did not understand the words to the song it was amazing! We finished up the day with Churros and one more walk through to make sure we did not miss anything. We had a great time and look forward to next year.

You can learn more about Festival de la Familia on their facebook and twitter pages.

*I was not paid for this review. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others. I was provided free tickets for my family for admission from the PR/Company that represents them.


Anonymous said...

Well written, Laura. Your article is a true representation of what Festival de la Familia is all about. I suppose I might be considered somewhat biased though, becuase it is my daughter, Nicole Zamora, that chaired this beautiful event.

L Howard said...

We had a wonderful time! My son was running to each activity he was so excited. The smells in the air and music all around is so hard to capture with words. Cant wait until next year.

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