Friday, April 6, 2012

Feed Your Zoo At Home Family Movie Night

I love spending time with my grandsons. We decided to have a fun family movie night and watch the movie "We Bought A Zoo".

I went to Walmart to buy the movie and some pizzas for dinner. The movie looks like it will be a good one. I saw the trailer and it really made me want to watch it. This will be a fun night for them and I'm turning it into a little party for the boys.

I also bought some delicious Del Monte fruit cups to make a healthy treat for us to eat while we watch the movie. Of course I couldn't forget my own "big cat" so I got the kitty some yummy treats of her own. She's very picky but I think she will like these.

Here's all the little monkeys enjoying their pizza. They are excited to start watching the movie and eat the treat I am making them, but first they have to eat all their pizza.

We go to the zoo in Seattle all the time, so the boys are familiar with lions, tigers, and monkeys, which I'm assuming will be in the movie. They even like looking at the snakes and alligators at the zoo!

Who doesn't get messy when they eat their pizza, right? This little guy loves pizza.

I made a super simple, no cooking, treat for us to eat as we watch the movie. I just took a slice of pound cake and spooned on some vanilla yogurt. Then I drained the juice from the fruit cups and put them on top of the cake and yogurt. Super fast and easy! And it actually tasted really good. I'll definitely be eating this again. I really liked the Del Monte fruit cup of peaches with cinnamon and brown sugar.
Del Monte fruit cups are already a great price and First for Women magazine is featuring a $0.50-off coupon.

The boys loved their special treat. They didn't watch all the parts of the movie because it really was for older children. I liked it a lot and I thought it was really heartwarming. But when the animals came on the screen, that got their attention.

The lion really caught their attention. Mine, too! Such a beautiful animal. Even though the story line was too mature for the boys, it was still fun having our own little movie party.

My daughter Samantha really enjoyed watching the movie, she thought it was great. Ever since she had little Ashley, she and her husband have not gone to the movies, so this was nice for her too. The fruit cup treat was a hit all the way around!

This little girl is already an amazing actress. She practically steals every scene. Isn't she adorable? "We Bought A Zoo" is a warm and wonderful movie that I can't wait to watch again.

Last but not least is the kitty. We didn't forget about her! We opened up a tasty Meow Mix cat treat for her. Here she is looking up at the screen. Her favorite scenes were of course, the lions and tigers. She did eat her treat, as well as the second one.

There is a $4.00-off coupon that can be used to buy "We Bought A Zoo" with the purchase of any 2 participating Del Monte pet products. Del Monte pet products are being featured in Women's World magazine and Parade magazine.

We had a great dinner and a movie night with lots of fun. We'll have to do this again soon!

We had a fun and wild night watching We Bought a Zoo with the family and the cat! You can read my Google+ Story about my shopping trip to buy Del Monte Fruit Cups, Meow Mix and the movie.

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Isn't it amazing what catches their attention. So glad they enjoyed the movie.

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