Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Winter Care Kits with Energizer and Champions for Kids #EnergizerCFK

I love that through the power of my blog I am able to share ways to donate to the community around you. I have always done the holiday donations like most people and we do our best to give to food and diaper drives. Since finding the non profit organization Champions for Kids I have been energized to give each month a donation or my time. Champions for Kids makes it easy to know what to donate by each month giving you ideas of what to do and giving you a place to report back to. Its a great organization.

Earlier in the week I went shopping to make an Energizer Light Up a Life Winter Care Kit to donate to a local charity. I shopped at Walmart to buy batteries, flashlights, first aid items, anti bacterial items, winter hats and gloves, water, snacks and activities. The Winter Care Kits are geared towards what kids would need in an emergency. Here in California there is rain and cold that does knock out the power and during the summer months there are rolling black outs when the power grids get over whelmed causing the lights to go out. As a kid having your own flashlight, snacks and activities makes it easier to get through situations that can be scary.

I purchased Snoopy band-aids for my kit. Love the Peanuts characters!

I found many great emergency kit items in the travel section including this to go first aid kit.

Hand wipes with anti-bacterial are a must have. I like to purchase Wet Ones for the quality.

Batteries are a must have item for any emergency kit.

I found the cutest cartoon character flashlights made by Energizer.

These mini flashlights are good to have too.

I like to use rechargeable batteries in items. It saves money and the environment.

Any Winter Survival kit needs hats and gloves.

Your kit should also include extra regular batteries for times when your rechargeable are out and you have no way to plug in the charger.

Snack food items are important for survival but also to keep kids feeling like things are normal. I wanted to get granola bars and fruit snacks since they are kid friendly and not too high in salt. I included some yogurt bites in my kit for a tasty snack that requires no refrigeration. Dried fruits and raisins would be good too. Water is a must have and I purchased the junior sized waters that make it easier for kids to carry. I think water bottles are easier to use to keep track of your supply and less likely to spill.

My parents always found a way to make times during a storm much more relaxed with board games so I purchased a few decks of cards. They are small enough to fit into a bag and can be used for all sorts of card games. I also included glow in the dark bracelets for fun and function. I thought that a necklace might be a bit of a hazard in the dark but a bracelet would be fun.

I took my son with me to donate our Energizer Winter Survival Kit to a local charity that helps families with kids transition to a home with job training and life skills. I selected this charity since they help families who are homeless. It can happen to anyone who loses a job then their home, I want to be able to make transitional living just a bit easier with my donations. The manager will make sure my kit is donated to a family that lives there.

Giving our donation to the charity manager I was telling her everything that was included in the kit.

My son at Home Start donating our Energizer Champions for Kids Winter Survival Kit #EnergizerCFK

You can learn more about Champions for Kids and Energizer by visiting their websites:

 You can read my Google+ story all about our shopping trip and donation here.

*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. 
All opinions expressed in this shop are my own and your experience may vary. #Cbias #EnergizerCFK #ChampionsforKids


Unknown said...

Lessons shared for a lifetime of caring and giving! May your kind heart inspired Millions to action!

Unknown said...

Your kit is great and this sounds like an amazing organization. So glad you were inspired again by Champions for Kids to give back within your own community and to keep kids safe with the help of Energizer.

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