Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wait I forgot I was 30

 Since turning 30 this summer I do not feel like much has changed. I thought I would have some sort of epic awakening like oh I now know the meaning of things or I would gain some sort of insight. Well I still feel the same as I did in my early 20s of course I am wiser but still a big kid at heart.

I even forgot that I am 30 lol it just feels odd to say. I have been filling out a few surveys and where you need to put in your age I had a moment of Wow I am now having to click the 30-39 or 30-35 instead of the under 30 or 20-29. It was a strange moment for me. I know its trivial but just had to share it was so weird to me.

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Aileen said...

Wait till you get older!

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