Monday, January 23, 2012

Its Raining......In the Kitchen

It has been raining pretty intense for the last 3 days here in Northern California, which is good the area needed it. We were spoiled with the first 2 weeks of January being at or above 60 degrees. It was awesome! Last night while we were hanging out watching TV I could hear what sounded like running water coming from the kitchen. I thought oh no I left the faucet on! BUT when I went into the kitchen I saw that it was Raining In the Kitchen!! I was shocked to see a dime size hole in the ceiling and a ton of rain steaming down onto the wood floors. I had to quickly find a bucket to catch the rain and clean up the water all over the place. My husband asked what was going on I told him nothing really its just Raining in the Kitchen lol.

So now I need to get a tarp up there until this weather dries out to get it looked at but the positive person I am knows it could be worse and to be thankfully there is a roof over my head even if it does leak.


Whitney said...

OH NO! I really hope it stops raining soon! I will be praying it's a quick fix. Way to stay postive. I think I would have been crying.

L Howard said...

Thanks Whitney! Oddly I was calm about it. I know when its in process of fixing it I will be a mess lol

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