Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe its 2012. I had a plan to write what I learned this year and my goals for myself, my family life and my blog. But then New Years Eve morning we took our son to the park to play and I changed my mind. It was a beautiful sunny day in Cali to go to the park and there were other families playing and having fun. My son adores dogs and if he sees one at the park he always wants to go pet it. Of course I always ask first since I do not want him to try to pet an unfriendly dog. This time there was an old couple and their dogs walking pass the slide area. My son ran over to them saying "Dog Dog" The old man stopped and after letting us know it was ok to pet the dog he just smiled away seeing my son gently pet the dog. The mans wife kept walking towards the dog area but the old man stayed to let my son pet the dog to his hearts content. I would guess the old man was at least in his late 70s maybe early 80s and he talked moved very slowly.

As we were standing there he put out his hand out towards us and quietly said "This world would be a great place......(then he paused to catch his breath).....if everyone would just do the right thing" Then he smiled and said he had to "go back to the boss" referring to catching up to his wife who was on the other side of the park. This left my husband and I a bit baffled and touched by his words. It seemed like such a simple thing but so complex at the same time. I thought to myself that will be my motto for 2012 to just do the right thing, what I feel is right in my heart. So many versions in the world of what is "the right thing" is what seems to make it hard for it to work. But I am going to live this year to do my best to do the right thing for my family, myself and my blog.

We will of course be watching the Rose Parade in the morning on TV like Nana mentioned in her New Years post and we will eat Panda Express like we do every year! We are now making a new tradition of taking our son to the park to play on New Years Eve morning. We also take a picture of my son by the TV as the ball drops in Time Square, its cheesy but its as close as we get to being there.

Happy New Year 2012 everyone I hope this year will be the year I find a way to make blogging a full time job for myself, Nana and Sam, and for Meg to work for us part time. Keeping all the women in our family connected through the blog is what brings me an unmeasurable joy. Thank You to my family for the support in keeping this blog going and a Thank You to all of our readers who make our blog as great as it is!


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Nana said...

Happy New Year to you and your sweet family. What a lovely post, Laura. Let's make 2012 the best year ever. Have fun watching the Rose Parade and give my grandson a big hug and kiss from all of us. Love, Nana.

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