Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giraffe Dreams

My son ADORES Giraffes! I am not sure what it is about them or why he picked Giraffes as his favorite animal but he loves them. In books, in stores and on TV if he sees one he goes crazy with joy. His stuffed giraffe "Giafe" is his best friend. He goes everywhere with him. He gets very upset if we do not take him with us. He has had him since his first birthday and now has two giraffes since Nana bought him another one for his second birthday. He has to sleep with both giraffes with him. Thankfully now that there are two of them I can give him "Geoffrey" giraffe when "Giafe" is in the washing machine. It was epic melt downs when his first giraffe would go into the washer but now he second giraffe keeps him company.

While we were at the mall the other day we walked by the Hallmark store to see what after Christmas deals they had. When my son started to squeal and yell Giraffe! He spotted the biggest toy giraffe we have ever seen. Sadly it was priced around $100. But he still loved seeing it and oh how I wish he could have one! When we got home we played giraffe battles where he likes to have me be Geoffrey and he Giafe and we make them wrestle, its hilarious!

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Betty Roberts said...

Lol I love giraffes too they're cute, and interesting animals....I really want that giraffe lol I'm sure it was the Melissa and Doug giraffe that retails for $100

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