Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Just a Baby

My son is now 2 but still very much a baby. He has the attitude of a teenager but still wants his baby stuff out. I was cleaning out his closet, its one of my to do before the New Year items on my long list, and his baby seat was in there. When he saw it he was so happy and insisted I let him sit in it. He wanted me to install the bar with the animals on it and he crawled in with his two stuffed giraffes and sighed. It was so sweet. He sat in there for over an hour without moving, for my son thats amazing since he is such a busy bee. He barely fits in it but he loves it just as much as he did when he was a baby. Its hard to believe he is 2 already but he is still just a baby.


Megan said...

Aww, haha. My daughter is 20 months and we have her bouncer out for her new 6 week old sister. She sits in it more than the baby!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!

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