Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Train Table Madness!

For Christmas my son received a Train Table from Santa. At first he was so gentle and was having a blast. I thought he would love it and oh my he does. He yells Weeee and Choo Choo. He loves the train table at Barnes & Noble and I knew this would be a great gift for him. The next day he was a bit more rough with his table and has taken the track apart. I have lost the instructions to how each piece goes to put it back together. I feel like I need an engineering degree to figure this out lol. Today I think we are now missing a piece as well. If there was a color code or a way to keep the train together better that would be awesome. For now he is using the train table to stand on and leap from! He is a wild boy! I have launched operation Train Table Madness to find the pieces, put it back together and for it to stay that way. Wish me Luck!


Betty Roberts said...

Lol I'm having the same problem we got our boys a train track table too and can't manage to keep the pieces on but luckily I saved the instructions on how to put it back together although I do wish there was an easier way to re-assemble, lol good luck

L Howard said...

Thanks! Now even more pieces are missing today! I think I need to invent a way to keep a train table together with the pieces.

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