Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miche Bag Review Holiday Gift Guide

There was one major thing on my Holiday List this year. A Purse. But not just any purse I wanted the MICHE BAG. Don't know what a MICHE BAG is? Oh dear you are missing out. Let me tell you about the MICHE.... You start with a Base Bag—Classic, Demi, Prima or Petite then you add a stylish shell to the outside. They have so many shells for all of your many looks!! How the shell works is it has two large magnets on the inside of the top of the bag (don't worry they are inside the material, you will not see the magnets) so when you go to change your purse for the day it literally takes seconds, perfect for us busy Moms. I also find that I get bored with a purse if I am carrying it longer than a few months, I know it is a sickness. So with the MICHE I can change out my purse for a fraction of the price of buying a new one every few months, LOVE IT.

When I was looking for a new purse I knew that it had to be stylish, yet big enough to throw everything I might need it. Sometimes carrying a diaper bag is just so daunting, sometimes a gal just wants a great purse on her arm! Right?

For the first step in selecting my MICHE BAG I went with The Prima Base Bag, knowing it was just the right size with or without diaper, snacks and a few toys.

Now for the fun part, the SHELLS!! So each bag has shells according to the Base Bag you chose, I went with the Prima so I got to check out all of the beautiful shells they have to offer. There is just so many it really is hard to pick just a few. The great thing about the MICHE is that you don't have to buy all at once. You can pick out a few and always add to your collection as you may need or want them or as the seasons change :) One of my favorite things about the MICHE is that they name all of their purses with a fun and sometimes racy name!

For the Holiday Season I went with the Lexi, I love the red and green with a touch of animal like print! SEXY!

For a more subdued look, and one that would go with a lot of my winter coats I liked the Rosalyn.

Then looking towards the Spring and Summer I went with the Allie, I just love the yellow. Not too bright, just the right color to welcome the new season.

Here is a few pictures of the real deal, it is even better looking in person!! Same base I just changed out the shell.

Ok so do you now love the MICHE BAG and want one of your very own? Get one or two or three today, you will LOVE it! You will also love their story of how they came to be, check it out.

You can find more information and about your local Miche bag representative by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

*I was not paid or compensated for this post. The opinions in this post are 100% mine. I was provided the products pictured to review for this post by the Company / PR Company.

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