Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sending CHEER with Cheerios Post Cards for the US Troops #sendCheer #CBias

When we first learned about the Cheerios and General Mills sendCheer to the troops campaign we were excited to be apart of it. You can read my first post here about my family and how 3 generations have served in 3 different branches of the military.

My son and I took a trip to a Walmart that is a bit farther from home than our normal store since we needed to get gas from Sam's Club. This location has a Walmart and Sam's in the same parking lot, how cool is that!

We had a wild adventure at this Walmart. There were ups and downs but in the end we were happy to be buying Cheerios to sendCheer to the US troops. We shopped the cereal aisle for the specially marked Cheerios boxes. They were super easy to find. They had a special spot right as you see the cereal aisle. We put a bunch of boxes in our cart and continued to shop. So many people were saying how cute my son looked in his Cheerios fort. One woman even commented how it would be a perfect commercial :)

As we shopped around Walmart we were able to share what we were doing to #sendCheer to the troops with the special Cheer postcards that can be found on the cereal boxes. Many people were just as excited about the idea as we were. While we were in line to check out we met two moms that wanted to take part in sending cheer. I purchased two boxes each for them and gave them to them to take home to their families so they can sendCheer too. It felt great to bring together families to support our troops.

When we arrived home we decided we would make a special treat for our favorite veteran my brother in law, Sam's husband. He served 5 years in the Army, one of the years was served in Afghanistan. He works hard and is an awesome dad and hubby to my sister. I am sure he would love some goodies that are just for him.

We made Cheerios Marshmallow treats dipped in Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Almonds. My son licked two of them when I put them on the table to take a picture so his uncle will be getting two less but I am sure he wont mind lol.

Next we cut out our special pre-addressed post card to sendCheer to a military member. I wrote a little message and my son colored with his new crayons Nana gave him for his birthday. He added a little of each color to the card and even colored a little on the front. We added a kitty cat sticker than my son adores. He wanted to put more stickers on but we did not want to cover up the address.

We went to our local post office to mail the postcard and treats to my brother in law. When we got home we put bows on a few boxes of sendCheer Cheerios and took them to the neighbors. We explained to them about the sendCheer to the troops campaign from Cherrios and General Mills. We also told them they could find the boxes at Walmart if they wanted to get more to give to someone they know.

Cheerios has teamed up with the USO to "send cheer" to military families by sending encouragement and thanks using special postcards you can cut out from specially marked Cheerios boxes. Once stamped, these pre-addressed postcards will go to the USO to be distributed by them to military families. As a result, for each card received, $1 for each card will be donated by Cheerios to the USO to help fund programs that help support the military and their families. How wonderful is that? You can do all that, just for the price of a stamp, and a few words of encouragement and thanks written! You can shop for these specially marked boxes at local Walmarts, and be on the look out for special displays. You can see the other families that are sending cheer by visiting the sendCheer website.

We will be on the lookout for the special sendCheer displays at our local Walmart. You can read about how to participate in the Cheerios sendCheer campaign.You can decorate and send a postcard to a military member just like we did.

You can see my whole Walmart shopping trip including my strange interaction at McDonalds and after checking out. Plus our whole making treats and coloring our sendCheer postcard by clicking the picture below.

Sending CHEER with Cheerios Post Cards for the US Troops #sendCheer #CBias

*This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for Collective Bias. All opinions and stories expressed in the post are my own.

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How fantastic. Thanks for helping out our troops.

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