Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making His List......No Not Santa

The other day my son wanted to see the Walmart Toy ad I was looking at. He has been very curious about the ads and list I have been making so he wanted to do it too. I gave him a crayon and told him to circle the stuff he wanted Santa to bring. He has no clue what Santa is but he knows crayons are fun to draw on stuff.

But he really did point to and draw on the things he likes. He babbled a bunch about the items to. It made me laugh.

He colored on Let's Rock Elmo (we have seen the display in the store and he went nuts over it) he colored video games, a scooter and some movies and a basket ball (he has one and a ton of other balls he has been hiding them behind and under things). It makes me wonder if he really did get what I said even if he didn't say anything back.

Oh and he insisted he wear his "glasses" while he "read" the ad lol he got them when he went trick or treating at our local mall.

My son has made his list have you? What are the top items your kids want this year?

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