Friday, November 11, 2011

Kitty Cats with Swords?

My son adores cats and dogs. He goes nuts over them and loves to say "kitty cat" and "DOG" he yells dog it cracks me up. He can spot one anytime were in a car or out and about. I am allergic to cats so sadly we cannot get one but we do have a dog that he adores. He and the dog do a hop dance together that is super cute ( I am considering it for a funny video contest!)

We recently bought the Wii game Puss In Boots and he wont stop playing it. I know gasp hes only a toddler and I let him play video games but the boy loves it! The game is really easy to play we set it up for him and he makes Puss in Boots battle with other sword fighters. Its sooooo cute! He says "kitty cat" then wildly shakes the Wii remote all over the place. He even makes sure he puts on the wrist strap before he plays and will take it off set down the controller and clap when he does good. He makes me smile so much with his little personality.

He also realizes that Puss is wearing shoes. He points to the shoes on tv and says "shoes" and then "kitty cat" its super cute! So now his favorite game to play and constantly wants to play and will not share the remote is the Kitty Cats with Swords game Puss in Boot.


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