Monday, November 21, 2011

Improving my Health with Nature Made Vitamin D from Walmart #VitaminD #cbias

Before I was pregnant with my son I would take a daily multivitamin to be sure I was getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals I needed. When I got pregnant it changed to prenatal vitamins. But now 2 years later I am not taking any. I have been wanting to start taking a few vitamins to improve my over all health. Since turning 30 I have been looking into my calcium and vitamin D intake. I know now is the time to start taking extra care of my health for the future.

As a busy mom I know I do not eat right to get enough of the Vitamin D I need to properly absorb the calcium I need for my bone and teeth health. Taking a supplement to help seemed like a great idea. When selecting the Vitamin I wanted to take I wanted there to be no artificial colors, flavors or preservative. I am a label reader and I found Nature Made to be the vitamin brand I would purchase.

I went shopping at Walmart for the Nature Made Vitamin D and also did some birthday party shopping while I was there. I had my son with me so I did not purchase any presents but we ordered his cake and bought party decor. I was so excited for what I did find that I forgot to get the "clean" part of the decor, the napkins and table cloth so we had to run back in after getting to the car to go back for them. Thankfully speedy check out was speedy!

I have been taking the Nature Made Vitamin D now for 4 days and am looking forward to continuing to do so. I have had trouble in the past with stomach issues and other brands of vitamins but the natural make of this vitamin has made it easy to take. I like knowing that I am improving my overall health by taking #VitaminD since it is what helps my body absorb the calcium in my body to make strong bones and teeth. As well as being an immune system supporter. I am curious to see if taking Vitamin D this winter will help boost my body to fight any cold or flu I may get.

 Nature Made Vitamins has a Coupon Center if you register you can print them out to save. Below is also a short and informative video about the need for Vitamin D in the body.

You can see my whole shopping trip including the party supplies we purchased @Walmart by clicking the picture below.

Improving my Health from Nature Made Vitamin D at Walmart #VitaminD #cbias

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