Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walk with Nature

This was my favorite pic I took. Its like the future is just ahead of you, you cant see where it leads but its exciting to follow!

There is a restorative quality to being outside among the trees, animals and water. I find when I am feeling a bit too over stimulated by technology that visiting our local river waterway makes me feel refreshed. The way the ground smells right after a rainy day, the plants green with moss and the sound of the river flowing fast makes me feel peaceful. I forget sometimes that we live so close to water. As a kid I always lived fairly close to the Pacific Ocean. No more than a 30 minute drive (thanks Mom and Dad for that!) Now I am not so lucky. We have to drive over an hour in slow traffic to see the ocean but very close by is the American River. Its not the ocean, but its water and nature, for now that will have to do!


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Anonymous said...

Looks peaceful and pretty. Nice.

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