Sunday, September 18, 2011

How do you PB&J?

Its one of the greatest classic sandwiches for kids in my book. A PB&J is so easy to make and tasty. Recently I realized why I love the brands I use to make our sandwiches, they just taste better!

I use Natural low sodium creamy JIF. It taste very pure and peanutty unlike some of the other brands out there its not overly oily or bland. I tell every mom I talk to about Natural JIF. For our jelly I use Smuckers Simply Fruit. I like this brand since its like the jar says its just fruit. Its a bit more expensive but well worth it. When I was pregnant with my son everyday for lunch I would  have a PB&J and use the Blueberry Smuckers Fruit Simple. It was heavenly! I would also have green granny smith apple slices and a glass of milk. To me its the best lunch ever! Just writing about it I may need to go to the store for blueberry jelly and green apples.

What brands do you use for PB&J sandwiches? 
Do you add anything to them to make the special?

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Unknown said...

I like alternate between Skippy and Jif!

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