Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall in Love with Home Event

Today starts our Fall In Love With Home event here at our blog Frugal Family Tree. We have been excited for this event to start to be able to share with everyone some of the great products we have reviewed and to share our stories of love and home. This is a celebration of many things for us here at Frugal Family Tree.

For one we all LOVE the Fall. The falling colorful leaves, the weather getting cooler and a bit of rain and knowing the holidays are just around the corner. The Fall is also a time to settle back into routines of the kids going to school, cleaning up of the summer items and settling back into being home sweet home more.

The Love theme of the event is in celebration of Liz's 10 year wedding anniversary and Sam's 11 year wedding anniversary. Funny enough Liz was married 1 year and 1 day after Sam! After you have been married for over a decade you have done the flowers, candies, romantic dates and all the other standard anniversary stuff. We are not saying those things aren't great but now that we have kids, run a household and are home more we want the house to be a place were we can relax and unwind.

The Home part of the theme is where the gifts come in. As Moms we want the house to be clean, functional and to look nice. With kids running around and life happening those things can go by the way side. But if our dear husbands would buy us stuff to make the cleaning and decorating go faster we would be happier to do these tasks. After all we all know a happy Mom is a happy Home!

So yes we have said it. We DO want a vacuum, a coffee maker, a mixer, a sewing machine, mops, brooms, small appliances and more! Oh and you can get us candy too, what woman does not want chocolate!

We hope you enjoy celebrating with us and enjoy reading the stories we will share about love and life. Of course there will also be GIVEAWAYS. Every party needs great presents!

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