Monday, August 1, 2011

Memories Monday

I am thankful I have a decent memory. I can recall events and just individual moments as far back as preschool. I can recall the way the play ground looked, my classroom, my tap dancing lessons and the spot we put our stuff into our own cubby hole. I have thousands of simple moments that I do not ever want to forget. The one thing we have that is just ours is our memories. These are the precious things we have and need to share to keep them going. Of course not all memories are wonderful but even the scary ones can teach us something. I know for a fact that a bed frame, a plank of wood, rope and empty paint buckets will not turn you into Huck Finn floating down the river! I will share that story more one of these times. I am sure Sam and our older brother would get a laugh or two out of that one.

I want to make a regular habit of writing down my memories of childhood, adulthood and now as a mother. I would like to invite you as readers and some of you that are also bloggers to be apart of Memories Monday. Each Monday I will post a topic of something family friendly that you may have a memory of and I would like you to share it with everyone. I will have a Linky List next Monday for everyone who blogs to share their stories on.

I am a huge History buff and I always find it fascinating when a diary or notes from people living in a different era are found. Maybe one day someone will find all my posts and laugh, cry and learn a little about what it was like to live my life. Each of us is creating a story as we live our daily lives and I want you each Monday to take the time to write down just a portion of that story to share with us all.

Since most of us are getting ready for school year to start I wanted to ask what is your favorite memory of Kindergarten for you or your child's year in Kindergarten?

My Story:
I have a funny and embarrassing memory from Kindergarten. One day while I was out playing on the playground during recess my shorts got snagged on screw that was sticking out of a jungle gym and it ripped my shorts open. I was mortified that other kids could see my undies! I had to run back to the classroom my hands covering my bum to tell my teacher. Thankfully she called my mom who quickly brought me new shorts to wear. My mom was always there to rescue us kids anytime we needed her to. I was very embarrassed for quiet some time and always made sure to be careful on that piece of play ground equipment.

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Cami said...

This is such a fantastic idea for a post!!! :) I love it!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

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