Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leonardo Get Out of My Dreams!

Have you watched the movie Inception? The one with Leonardo DiCaprio and how he can manipulate dreams through dream invasion. I have seen it a few times because I find dreams fascinating. I could go on forever about the crazy and surreal dreams I have had over the years. The earliest repetitive dreams I have had I can recall from about age 7. Some dreams feel so real the are almost like a memory of a life not lived. Its creepy! When I was pregnant I would have this terrible dream at least 3 times a week about water, waves and a huge flood. It was intensely powerful. I can recall many details of the dream. I have had those types of dreams to that are blissful happiness. Those kinda dreams are awesome.

Since watching the movie Inception I have had three occurrences where I have had a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you are in the middle of a dream you become aware that it is not real and that you are dreaming, but yet remain asleep and still in the dream. In the movie Inception Leonardo explains this concept to his costar Ellen Page to her by telling her you can always know if your dreaming if you do not remember how you got to where you are. Its strange but makes sense to me.

Well this is where things got very Inception in my dreams. Three times in the last 2 months I have been in the middle of a sad, stressful or scary dream and suddenly my brain tells me that I am ok, this is not real, you are dreaming since you do not know how you got here. Literally in my dream I start to yell "I dont know how I got here, This is just a dream!" Then in my dream I am overwhelmed with a calmness and a feeling of just letting go of what was trying to overcome me. Then after what in my dream feels like 5 or 10 minutes of realizing I am actually dreaming and being fully aware that I am, I wake up.

I thought Garfield could lighten the mood!

This is so odd to me! I have been dreaming vividly since I was about 7. I am sure before then that is just the age I can recall some of them. Most people have a dream they remember only once in a while. For me it feels like when I go to sleep a TV is turned on in my head and I dream a different world. I feel some times its a curse to dream so much and other times a blessing. I often write down the super detailed and intense dreams I have and hoping one day to turn them into short stories.

For now all I have to say is:
Leonardo Get Out Of My Dreams!

Now that you know my creepy dream side of my personality what is something about you not many people know?

Homer can always cheer me up!

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