Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 2 Review

Starting July 5th Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 2 will be available on DVD. I was really excited to see that Tom and Jerry is now on DVD. I remember so many Sunday mornings watching the cartoon with my brothers and sisters. Its definitely a classic cartoon. A bit more rough and tumble than I remember but that might be just me and my always safety thinking mind! lol

I love to share cartoons I watched as a kid with my son. Makes me get very reminiscent of the fun childhood we had. I also totally forgot that Tom and Jerry don't speak! I love that the orchestra tells the story as the characters move. It was very fun to watch with my guy and he loves Cats so he yelled it over and over as we watched it.

One of my favorite and a sweet episode is the one about the dog Spike and his son. It was really sweet since my son and husband are my two pups! My sons other favorite word Dog was said many and I mean many times during this episode lol. He cracks me up so much!

Synopsis:  One flustered feline + one resourceful rodent = 14 wild and wacky cartoons! Tom – the eternally crabby cat – and Jerry – the hopelessly adorable mouse – find themselves in a fracas once, twice and many times again in this latest bunch of 14 fast and funny cartoons! This time around the dizzy duo takes their tiffs to the beach (Surf-Bored Cat), to the Alps (The A-Tom-inable-Snowman) and to the orchestra (Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl). In Top with Pops Spike the dog pounces into the fray and Jerry learns a mouse’s best friend is a dog! Even vampire hunter Van Helsing gets in the middle of the cat/mouse combat in Monster Con. Your hunt stops here: this new collection of animated antics will delightfully drop you into the middle of non-stop family fun!

Available on DVD July 5th and you can purchase it online from the WBShop.

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