Friday, July 15, 2011

Mimicking is so Darn Cute!

He was thinking about taking a leap!

 Over the last few weeks my son has turned into quite the mimicker. What ever he see he tries to do. Which is cute but also a bit like whoa I need to be careful what he sees. But in the cute department he has been hilarious.

We were at the mall play area and he was running around having fun when he saw a boy a few years older than him leaping from leaping from one object to another. My sons eyes got huge, I could see the wheels in his mind spinning like "Why did I not think of that!" It was so cute he was making shooshing sound effects as the boy jumped from bug to bug right in front of him. He was laughing and clapping for him. As soon as the boy stop he climbed up there and tried to do it as well. He couldn't since his little legs don't reach that far but he made the body motion and threw his arms in the air like the other boy did.

It melts my heart to see him interact with other kids. He adores babies and thinks big kids are fascinating. I am grateful for places like the mall play yard and our local parks as a place for him to go and play with other kids.

One part that does make me sad is all the parents I see on their phones texting or talking while their kids are looking back to see if they are watching only to see that no one is. I have learned that my little guy grows so fast and one day he will be too tall to go in the play area and if I don't soak up every moment I will miss it. And don't get me started on the parents who don't follow the play yard rules! I feel like if we don't follow the rules such as no shoes, no food or drinks and no strollers in the play area, how will our kids learn we need to follow the rules if we don't. I know its simple and just a play area but it is a learning experience for them.

Do you take your kids to the mall play areas? If not why?

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