Friday, July 8, 2011

My Yard Work Assistant

I have always been the one that has mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, tended to the garden and been the poop scooper lol. I do it lovingly since I feel blessed to have a yard to mow, a garden to eat from and a dog to play with. I laughed the other day thinking when my son is bigger I will have a yard work assistant. I have already planned out the chores he can do as he gets older.

For now I will enjoy him watching me from the window or following me around in the back yard as I pull weeds. He thinks he is a big boy and the other day when it oddly rained again in June we went in the backyard to replant some veggies and he had a blast playing with the pots and dirt.

What types of outdoor chores do your kids do and what age did they start doing it?

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