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Poser My life In Twenty Three Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer Book Review

Poser My life In Twenty Three Yoga Poses, by Claire Dederer

This book is Claire Dederer's memoir about motherhood, marriage and her journey through the world of yoga. Ten years ago Dederer was a new mom living in a hip Seattle neighborhood. She finds out that in this particular neighborhood, parenting is elevated to a fine art. Organic baby food, attachment parenting, cloth diapers, and always letting your child sleep in your bed with you, are just some of the rules that must be followed. When she injures her back while breastfeeding her heavy baby, yoga is recommended by all.

From the very first class she falls in love with yoga. It becomes a path, a challenge, and a way to cope with the increasing difficulties of her stressed out life. Eventually yoga opens the door for Dederer to begin examining and questioning her past and present life. The story goes back and forth between her childhood in Seattle and now. Her own mother's story is a large part of the book, and is quite revealing. Dederer still has disturbing feelings from childhood about her parents unusual break-up and patched together new family.

Dederer's writing is honest, heartfelt, and sometimes painfully funny. Her struggles with marriage, family, in-laws and career are topics we can all relate to. This really isn't a how to book about learning or practicing yoga. It's more about using yoga to help guide the author through her life. In the end it sets her free to walk her own path and live her own truths. I found this book to be charming and quite interesting.

I also practice yoga and maybe that is one of the reasons why I like this book so much. I also felt that Dederer is the kind of person that you could call up and invite to the local cafe for a cup of coffee. She would most likely say yes, showing up, of course, in her yoga pants.

You can buy a copy of this book from Macmillan Publishing or other online stores such as Books A Million.

** I was not paid or compensated for this post. This is 100% my own opinion and may vary from others. I was sent one free copy to review from the publisher.


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