Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We need a play date and fast...

Now that I have left the work place I am finding that the social interaction that I love and crave is getting harder and harder to find. I am also learning that not only am I craving it but so is my 4 year old. I am in the process of finding him a preschool that he can attend 1-2 days a week for a few hours so that he can get that fulfillment that he used to have being in daycare. I do believe that when your child has never been to daycare or preschool they may not know what is out there and are content with their lives but once they have seen what is out there they know...haha Well my son was in childcare for almost 2 years (he started at 2 years old) and he asks me about his school and friends all the time, he love to socialize.

Now that I am only working 1 day a week not only can we not afford to put him full time care but I didn't "quit" my job for him to be watched by someone else all day. Ok back to finding the preschool, we are working on it and I have seen a few places but they are expensive or just not what we are looking for. So in the mean time I have been finding fun and creative ways to spice up the day on a low budget. I have this one girlfriend and she is the main gal that I go to for play dates. Not only do we laugh and get each other and talking to her is awesome, but we have the same parenting philosophies (that is so important) and I adore her children. It seems like no matter what we do with the children we ALL have fun! Sure I do things with the kids that I may not enjoy as much as they do, it is part of being a Mom. But I love it when the kids are having fun and so are the Mom's.

I am new to the SAHM gig and my girlfriend just moved back to the area (they are military) so we are finding fun and inexpensive things to together. It is nice to go out and "do" something and meet somewhere but we also love just hanging out at each others houses. The children can play, be loud, eat and are happy just to be together. My girlfriend and I can chat and laugh without as much stress that is involved in a planned activity. We know that they are safe and happy in the house. Also I live in Seattle where the weather is not always outdoor ready so we have to try to find indoor games a lot of the time. But when we do "get out" some of my favorite free and or cheap things to do are go to the play place at the mall, go to story time at the local library, walk around the park or go to the McDonald's play place.

We are also finding there are many ways on line to find cheap and local things to do on a budget. My girlfriend did a little research online and tomorrow we are off to a new place that offers an indoor play place and activities for the children as well as lattes and a little sitting area for the Mom's. They boast you can see the children play while you can sit at the little pub area enjoying your favorite coffee or beverage of choice. It is only $7 per child and $4.50 for each additional child. Under 1 is free and so are the adults. My littlest is 8 months old so we are all over a fun day for only $7 (plus a vanilla latte for me)! There are free, cheap and fun things to do out there but it takes some research.

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