Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Throw Those Coupons Away! Book Review

Don't Throw Those Coupons Away! A Mom's Guide To Saving Money At The Grocery Store
by Kristin L. Peoples

Today's economic recession can be felt in just about any area of your financial life. The rising prices of gas, health care and food are enough to keep many of us deeply worried. The subject of this book is about buying your families food and how to make the cost cheaper. Many consumers are already coupon users but this nifty little book gives some great advice and information about making the most of them. Tips such as combining coupons with sale items or combining manufacturers coupons with store coupons are strategic ways to really save some money.

Visiting store websites, requesting coupons from manufacturers, and shopping at stores that offer to double your coupons are all great suggestions for stretching your food budget. With some time and effort, using coupons to buy groceries and other products can really make a major impact in your financial life.

However the authors claim that you can feed a family of six or more on $50 a week seems a bit of a stretch. She relies on things such as getting items 1/2 off or shopping on a Tuesday at a store that offers a 10% discount that day. Not everyone is capable of getting the deals that she does or has the gas money to drive to all the different locations. This book is a good guide towards helping you save money on the one thing everyone has to do regardless of the economy. Eat.

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