Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coupon Blogs I Visit

The idea for todays posts and giveaways are a way a mom can save some money. Before I was pregnant with my son I had no clue about coupons and the vast world that exists around them. That all changed once I found out I was having a baby. My firsts thoughts were of course joy followed by oh my this is going be expensive lol. That is the point where my saving money adventure began. 

I found a few blogs that were ok kinda full of down load this and that and I am not really a downloader too much. I did however find 3 blogs I really used and helped me save me a lot of money. The only draw back I find from coupon and deals is the gas it costs to go round them all up. But if its a place I have planned to go to I definitely will look before I head out shopping. I find online shopping deals to work best for me since it doesn't involve driving. 

I wanted to share these sites with you so you can save a little money if the deal is near you. I do not however recommend trying to take part in them all. I would often get coupon anxiety at the thought of I wanted to take part of all the deals but there wasn't enough time, money or gas. So just have some fun with a few deals and relax and enjoy. I would love for you to share a site you know about too so we can all be happy and saving money together.

This site is the first one I ever found ( she does Safeway Stores which I LOVE):
My Frugal Adventures

This one is a really nice group of couponers that blog:
The Coupon Posse'

This site is a good one too, I cant do all the deals since some of the stores are not in my area ( I love her blog colors too!):
Spectacular Savings

Please share great coupon sites you know of in the comments. If you like our blog please feel free to follow us on Google Friends Connect and leave us a comment and a link we would love to check out your blog back.
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