Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Antique Trove and Letters from the Past #antique #Roseville #oldisnew

I absolutely LOVE Antique stores! I am a huge lover of History and an antique store is a time capsule of everyday life. I could spend hours in a store. Some of my favorite items are photographs, letters, jewelry and trinkets. These personal items are a window into time of someone's life that was already lived. There is a depth to that type of item that I am drawn to. I always wonder what is the story behind the item.

I recently decided to go to a local antique store that I have no clue why I had not gone before. I had made assumptions that it being a huge as a warehouse that it must not be as intimate of a store like ones I have previously visited. But I was so very wrong! The Antique Trove in Roseville CA is a treasure hunting delight. 

The store is huge and divided into little booths that are ran by individual sellers. Almost like an indoor market. The sellers are not at the booth so you can spend as much time as you like browsing the items without being interrupted. Each item is labeled with a price so no need to wonder how much they are asking. The variety of items in the store was amazing. 

I went into the store looking for a birthday present for myself. I took my husband and son with me and they had as much as a wonderful time as I did. They focused on the old toys, movie posters and man cave items.

As we wandered I was drawn to a shelf with old dishes and greeting cards on it. I spotted a small bundle of letters. Oh the curiosity of what was in the letters beckoned me to buy it! I took a picture of it and told myself if I still wanted it after looking through the store I would go back for it. I definitely went back for the letters to purchase. The city on the envelope is what made me have to buy them. Pasadena holds a special place in my heart as having so many joyous childhood memories there and also hosts my favorite annual parade.

I have only opened two of the letters so far, I don't want to rush my historical experience. The first two are correspondence between a Mother and her daughter. The letters are from the 1930's and I have cried a few times reading  a glimpse into the life of these two women. Letter writing is a lost form of communication, I find it beautiful!

I am planning to try to find the people that are related to these women and offer them back a piece of their history. I know myself I would love to have a letter written by one of my relatives, especially my Grandmother. 

What has been your favorite find at an Antique store?

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