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Immortals Fenyx Rising Video Game Review #Gamer #UbiStars

 *We are UbiStars game reviews and sent a digital copy of this game for review*

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an uplifting and witty take on the open world action-adventure genre and is full of rewarding exploration through dynamic traversal. Sprint across open fields, climb enormous mountains and glide through the skies to discover all the secrets of each region inspired by the Greek gods across the Golden Isle. Immortals Fenyx Rising by Ubisoft is rate T for Teen. 

My son played this game the most out of all of us! He wrote a great review. He has been learning about writing opinion papers in school. A game review was the perfect opportunity to blend school and entertainment. An added bonus was he wanted to learn more about the history behind some of the gods. Games and schooling for a win!!!

Review by my son:

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a very good game! I love how there is a dialogue between parts of the game play story that goes on as you play. I feel like the game could have more Gods like Artemis the Goddess of the hunt or Cerberus the warden of the underworld. If the game had more DLC content like the recently released Chinese Mythology that would be awesome. I like that the game play is a similar in this DLC but has different Chinese legends like NuWa. I feel there is a need to keep adding DLC content to keep the game interesting with replay value.

The game has fantastic features like the wings that allow you to soar through the skies and it lets you double jump. The climbing is great and reminds me of BOTW (Breath of the Wild, Legend of Zelda). The game feels somewhat like a Assassins' Creed for the younger gamers. It even has Gods you can interact with. In the beginning of the story you talk to Hermes where he begs you to help him through the temple of Gods. In the end of the story everybody is turned from good to bad by the final boss. It is similar to Gannon in the BOTW game. 

The combat is AMAZING! I love that there is light and heavy attacks but more weapon options are needed. Also you should be able to breed, groom and customize your own horse but I am not sure how to actually get a horse in the game! I bought the Adventure Time bundle that came with a hat, armor, Phosphor skin and a horse that is a Unicorn. The fact that there is crossover bundles is awesome, I hope more are coming soon.

The customization for Fenyx is wonderful. I can get it to look just like me, but it would be great if they had more hairstyles. 

Last but not least the godly powers are great! For example, Hercules strength allows you to pick up nearly anything in the game and throw it. Apollo's arrow allows you to control the flight path of the arrow therefore you can see from a camera on the arrow. More godly powers would be cool too. Like Mercury's speed or something within Greek mythology. 

I want you guys at Ubisoft to take your time, make it the best game possible because I love Ubisoft as a company. Why? because you guys gave us great titles like Rayman, Trails, Assassins' Creed and the greatest of all Brawlhalla, which I still play to this day! I am sorry for how long it took me to write my review. I have school and well I really had to do a playthrough to learn how great of a game Immortals Fenyx Rising is.

P.S. Thank you for choosing us for UbiStars!



(You can download a free demo for the game HERE)


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