Monday, January 7, 2019

Cheap but Fabulous Vintage Shopping #Frugal #Shopping

Post by Patricia: #Throwback post

Over the weekend I did one of my absolutely favorite things, shopping at thrift stores and estate sales.

It happened to be a particularly good couple of days to find some bargains. The Franciscan Dinnerware was a fantastic bargain at Goodwill. I got six dinner plates in perfect condition at only a dollar each.

They are listed at $10.75 each right now on Ebay. I remember these from my own childhood, so there is great sentimental value in having them.

This very heavy, old mixing bowl was only $3 from an estate sale I went to. It's perfect for cake making.

I love these dessert dishes for the upcoming fall holidays. They were $5 for six of them at the estate sale. Love the color.

I collect baskets, and this pink one was in perfect condition, and only $1. I think it has a sweet vintage feel to it.

I love old sugar and creamer sets. This French inspired one is something I'll use right away. Coffee and tea are even sweeter with this.

I love shopping for old and vintage items. When it's a day out with my girls, it's even better.

Do you shop for vintage? What are some of your great finds?


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