Tuesday, June 26, 2018

FANtastic Day at Sacramento Fandemic Tour #hosted #fandemictour #Sacramento

*We were hosted at the event in exchange tickets. My opinions in this post are my own. #hosted #fandemictour

We had such a FANtastic time at the first ever Sacramento Fandemic Tour! Cheesy to say I know but it is true. We attended on a Sunday, which was the last day, not as many cosplayers and other things going on but I took my 8 year old and my 68 year old mother in law so it was perfect for them. We saw many of our favorite characters like these awesome Storm Troopers and even R2D2 rolling around.

Demanding the prices we wanted to pay! LOL
My son has been to a few more conventions than I have and he knew exactly how to have fun. He dressed up as one of his favorite characters and interacted with the vendors and other cosplayers. We saw so many great items for sale at the booths. From comics, collectible toys, Funko Pops (our favorite to collect) and even comic book themed shoes. The unique items you will find is part of the adventure of checking out all the booths.

One of the best parts of Fandemic Tour was meeting legendary artists that have brought to life so many loved characters. My son is a writer and illustrator of his own comic book series and these people are inspiration for him. I love being able to encourage his creativity and have him see art can be a profession if he chooses to do so.

This photo right here was so awesome for me!!! My husband and son have met Phil Ortiz from The Simpsons and have some signed art from him that is on the wall of our living room. I have been a bit envious that I had not met him. On Sunday I had the opportunity and we shared a personal conversation of just he and I for about 15 minutes discussing my admiration for his work, things about my personal story of love for The Simpsons and where will he be next so we can get a family portrait done where he makes us "Simpson" style. He was even so sweet to ask as to why I was limping, I am suffering with health issues currently and his concern was genuine, such a nice guy!

I had planned on staying all day and waiting in line for some photo ops with my favorite The Walking Dead actors but had to leave after only being there for couple hours. My health issues were bothering me so much I could no longer walk around definitely could not stand in long lines waiting for photos. It was sad to have to leave early but we certainly had an amazing time while we were there. We did see Chandler Riggs aka Carl Grimes at his booth. He was texting on his phone and as we walked by my son yelled "Coral!" we all started cracking up and Chandler did look up for a second. The funniest part is my son has never seen The Walking Dead but he constantly hears my husband and I discussing it and apparently even picked up on the "Coral" jokes we make.

Krypto the Superdog is the next Funko POP my son has on his must have list.

My son had been saving his allowance for a few months preparing for Fandemic Tour shopping. He has a huge collection of Funko Pops and knew of a few he wanted to add to his collection while we were there. Buying an item for a collection at a convention is awesome because you will have the memories of the event attached to the item, a story of "this one I got at Fandemic Tour very first show in Sacramento". He purchased Jetsons Astro Dog and Baby Hercules. He was smiling ear to ear as we left the show with his new items to add to the shelf in his room.

If you missed the Sacramento Fandemic Tour don't fret they will be heading to Houston on September 14, 15 and 16 2018.

You can check out the photos and videos of the fun had at the #Sacramento event and the journey to Houston on Fandemic Tour Instagram and Twitter. Use hashtag #FandemicTour to find the best stuff.

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