Friday, May 11, 2018

Food at Universal Studios Hollywood #California #universalstudioshollywood


It was a delicious meal and nice to have some salad among all the sweet and salty treats we had in the park. The stew was sooooo good! We sat right next to an old style fireplace with a black cauldron. So Harry Potter! My son of course being the kid he is ordered Chicken Nuggets, good grief lol!

Menu at Three Broomsticks. The inside of this place is beautiful and very Hogwarts style. I highly recommend eating here!!!

We had to eat at Krusty Burger being the Simpsons fans we are. My husband ate there two days in a row! I recommend getting a few patties on your burger to make it more filling. We sat upstairs inside the restaurant since Moe's Tavern was full. There was cool art and Simpsons memorabilia all over the place.

No words for how delicious this Krusty Burger tasted!

Homer Simpson style and size Donuts! It was amazing! You seriously have to buy this! It lasted a few nights as a dessert in our hotel room. We of course had to say "DOH!" as we ate it!

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