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California H20 Water Challenge for Classrooms #ad #SaveH20 #MomsMeet

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As a Californian I know how important our water is to the state. We need it for farms, for homes and for business to function. We take pride in our ability to conserve and protect our watershed. Even in our school system we teach how Californians use water and how important it is to us all. I just completed teaching my own son the ways we use water in our state and how to use less of it.

In our home we make sure we turn off water while brushing our teeth, we don't over water our garden, we only wash dishes and laundry if its a full load and we limit our use of water wasting activities like washing the car.

Jenkinson Lake Drinking Water Reservior 
Many of our beautiful lakes and rivers are an important part of our drinking water that are also our outdoor activities areas. We are extra careful when we are out enjoying our local waterways as to not pollute it or cause waste.

The California Water Service hosts an annual contest to challenge teachers and students to learn more about water conservation through project based learning that aligns California Common Core Standards curriculum.

Information About Cal Water H2O Challenge’s Classroom Challenge:

• The students of participating classrooms initiate, develop, and
implement a 4-8 week-long project (or longer at teacher discretion),
focusing on caring for water. This class-based project explores water as
a global resource and as a local resource, while tackling a local water
problem in an individual and community-based endeavor.

• A handbook can be found at,
including a guide for the flow of the project, and sample lesson plans.

• Upon completion of the project, students create a final portfolio
documenting their work. This portfolio, along with accompanying
cover sheets, student reflections, and a teacher reflection, constitute
the final submission. Sample Portfolios can be found in the resource

• Early Registration closes Dec. 31, 2017. Final Registration closes Jan 31,
2018. Submissions are due February 28, 2018.

• Curriculum Alignment: Common Core State Standards and is
complementary to the Next Generation Science Standards. In aligning
the curriculum, sample lesson plans were developed incorporating
these guidelines.

• Project-Based Learning: Developed with the help of the WestEd /
K-12 Alliance and the North American Association for Environmental
Education, their project-based learning model offers an effective
and engaging manner to inspire students to community action while
achieving curriculum standards.

• Objective Rubric: Judging of the competition will be conducted by a
panel of experts working in education and/or an environmental field.
It will use an objective rubric, developed with the help of the West Ed
/ K-12 Alliance. This rubric evaluates the water topic choice, project
goals, action plan, and outcomes, long term benefits, integration with
student learning and curriculum, student participation, impact on
student learning, presentation, and impact on teacher practice.

You can learn more about the Cal H20 Water Challenge here.

Here is a video of last years winners of the Cal Water H20 Challenge:

Winners of the Cal Water H2O Classroom Challenge will receive:

Grand Prize
Class Celebration: Classroom tent-camping trip to the Santa Monica Mountains with NatureBridge
Class Funding: $3,500 grant
Extras: Cal Water prize packs for every student

2nd Place
Class Celebration: A Pizza Party
Class Funding: $2,500 grant
Extras: Cal Water prize packs for every student

3rd Place
Class Funding: $2,000 grant
Extras: Cal Water prize packs for every student

4th Place
Class Funding: $1,000 grant
Extras: Cal Water prize packs for every student

All Participant Prizes
Student Recognition: An official certificate of participation for every student
Teacher Recognition: A teacher certificate
Teacher Gift: An AMEX gift card

Waterfall at Lake Jenkinson

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