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Frosch Cleaning Supplies Review #MomsMeet #Frosch

 *I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

Being someone who suffers from migraines I am always aware of the scent of things. There have been many instances in my life that terrible migraines have started by a bad chemical smell in household cleaning supplies. Not only am I aware of the chemical smell I am often concerned about what else the harsh chemicals can be doing to my family.

I have tried several organic and eco friendly cleaning supplies brands over the years searching to find a brand I could use daily and have it work. ( I love having a sparkling clean home!)

I recently learned about the brand Frosch through Moms Meet. They are a German based eco friendly company that makes natural plant based cleaning products that are skin friendly without damaging chemicals. Frosch has been a popular brand in Europe and is now finally available in the USA.

My favorite of the Frosch brand items I reviewed was the All Purpose Cleaner Baking Soda Spray. I love using an all purpose cleaner for counter tops and surfaces. This product worked great and left no smells or residue behind. If it can clean the bathroom my 6 year old son uses it can certainly clean the rest of the house. I have made my own household cleaners with a baking soda base but this was much easier and worked better.

Oh how I loved the lavender scent of this Universal Cleaner! I have hardwood and tile floors with no carpet in my home. We are constantly cleaning floors from spills, foot traffic and more. I need a product that is gentle and smells good, this one is it. I often use the scent of lavender to ease my migraines and love the scent of it. Having a cleaning product smell that way was fabulous.

The Pomegranate dish soap was my favorite of the dish soaps they offer. I use a lot of hand sanitizer in my job outside of blogging and having dry hands I need a dish soap that is ph balanced and will not make my hands even drier. The product works well and makes my hands a tad softer than I started out with, very nice!

The Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner did require some scrubbing after letting the product sit for a while. But I figured a little effort with a toilet brush was worth not having the harsh smell of bleach.

Product Info:

-Frosch Diswashing Liquid is a vegan moisturizing hand dishwashing liquid that works efficiently and is gentle on your skin.

-Dermatologically tested to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, Frosch Diswashing Liquid is pH-skin neutral.

-Frosch Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid contains pomegranate extracts that soothe and moisturize skin and provide an effective clean with its optimal grease and dirt dissolving power.

 -Frosch Aloe Vera Dishwashing Liquid is ideal for people with sensitive skin due to the calming effects of the Aloe Vera extracts, which help to maintain the moisture balance of the skin while cleaning your dishes and leaving a mild and fresh scent.

 -Frosch Bio Spirit Glass Cleaner features powerful, active grease-dissolving alcohol that provides streak-free, sparkling cleanliness in a natural way.

 -Frosch Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner has natural lemon extracts and optimally removes stubborn lime deposits, leading to an intense clean.

 -Frosch Lavender Universal Cleaner cleans and sanitizes floors and most washable surfaces in the household. This Powerful formula with lavender removes grease and dirt and offers reliable and residue-free cleaning.

-Frosch Baking Soda All-Purpose Cleaner provides powerful cleaning of most washable household surfaces with a pleasant, fresh scent. The natural active ingredient makes this product ideal and safe for kitchen use.

 -The retail price for Frosch Dishwashing Liquid is $3.99 for a 500mL bottle. Frosch Lavender Universal Cleaner retails for $5.99. Frosch Baking Soda All-Purpose Cleaner and Bio Spirit Glass Cleaner retail for $4.50. The Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner retails for $4.99.

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