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Dune Jewelry Handmade Beach Sand Inlet Cuff Bracelet Review

My childhood was full of trips to the beach. We have always lived on the west coast and enjoyed the Pacific Ocean all summer long. Anytime I am feeling over stressed I think of or even go to the beach for renewal. The reminiscence of sunshine filled days, the smell of the salty air and the sand beneath feet remind me of one of my favorite quotes, "life is like the ocean it can be calm or still and rough or ridged but in the end always beautiful". When I came across Dune Jewelry a company that makes handmade jewelry containing sand from your favorite beach you select from their sandbank or send in your own sand I knew it would be something special to have. I love the concept of jewelry that is connected to a memory from the beach.

 There are so many beaches that hold a special place in my heart I had a hard time choosing just one, but Redondo Beach CA was the one I selected. As a kid my family and I went to Redondo many times. My Dad grew up there and the stories he told us on the drive there about his childhood always fascinated me. He told us about how he once rescued a wounded seal and it recovered in the bathtub, how they would skip class to go surfing, and the one I now realize as an adult was not true, the climbing a big hill to school in 10 feet of snow. He did show us the big hill leading to school, but I now know it does not snow there! I had my own adventures at Redondo Beach with my siblings while my Dad and Mom watched from the shore. I remember my older brother and I being taught how to body surf by a random local surfer lady. She opened my eyes to a whole new way to see the little waves I was jumping in. I can still picture my older sister standing on the shore freaking out about how cold the water was while my brother and I dove right in.

As a teenager my Dad took my sisters and I back to Redondo where my sister and I realized there was an arcade under the pier with rides and all the whole time. I giggle a bit about that one since my parents were smart to not let us go there. I am grateful they never took us in since I think it would have ruined our true beach experiences. Hearing my Dad tell my son the "seal in the bathtub" story when he came to visit made me overwhelmed with joy. Its the stories and life experience we pass down to our children that they remember the most. As I was having this bracelet made my Dad has gotten much sicker and having kidney failure making the memories even more precious and reminding me I want my own son to stick his toes in the sand at Redondo Beach. The Silver Cuff Bracelet with the sand from Redondo Beach makes all that joy I felt with those memories right there.

I have been wearing the bracelet to work a few times a week since its simple design and silver color seem to match so much of my wardrobe. I have received many comments on the uniqueness of the jewelry and hearing people tell me their beach stories has been great. Not only do I now have a lovely piece of jewelry to wear I have captured memories in sand that I will treasure forever. Now my only problem is I want like 10 more pieces of jewelry! My birthday is coming and I already know 2 sands that I would love to have a piece made for and those both have beautiful memories attached to them.

Some information about Dune Jewelry:

  • Dune Jewelry the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company® is very unique because their patented designs are custom made with beach sand!
  • With Dune Jewelry you have a choice of thousands of sands worldwide, spanning all 7 continents. 
  • New this year a custom wine bottle stopper!  Who doesn't love wine?  The Dune Jewelry custom wine bottle stopper is is the perfect gift for the holiday's or a special occasion you may be celebrating.   
  • All of Dune Jewelry's items have a lifetime warranty, come with care instructions and literature that indicates the source of the sand.
  • There is something for both men and women in the Dune Collection.
  • Dune Jewelry is available to purchase online and at various retail stores nationwide.

Dune Jewelry creates tangible reminders of life’s greatest moments.  Everyone has a beach memory. It could be a childhood memory, a place you and your friends met each year, it is where he proposed, it is where you had your beautiful destination wedding, or maybe it was where you spent your honeymoon. Dune's unique custom and personalized collection is something that will provide cherished memories all year long.

You can see more of the jewelry designs by following Dune Jewelry on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.

I would love to hear your favorite beach memories, please feel free to share in comments :)


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