Friday, September 5, 2014

Smarter Sims & Weirder Stories: Living a "Sims" Life

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Finally The Sims™ 4 has arrived! My husband and I made a whole day of having fun playing the game and eating snacks on my day off. The first thing we did was Create A Sim to make our family on the game and build mode for a house. Funny enough just like in reality we had to compromise on the way the house looked and which neighborhood it would go in (but then I did realize he can make his own game too!).

Cute to see the child it made from my character and my husband's. 

Since the game first came out and my husband and I played in college we always giggled that we would be playing "real" The Sims™  once we were out of college. We are grown up now but still there is a kid inside that loves to play video games. The best part of The Sims™ 4 is the way the personalities are way more in depth with big personalities. I was cracking up at the way the characters were acting from picking traits that myself and my husband do have. 

The Sims™ has always been a fun little escape from reality. I like it since its a design game too. I am not a fan of app type of games as much as PC games so for me this is an epic game. It has depth of characters, good story lines and tons of replay value. 

We had a blast playing the game over the last few days and have been having several "SIMS" moments at home.

The funny thing about The Sims™ is how it really is like real life. Our personalities dictate what we like, what we need and what will bring us joy. It is to learn a little about humanity to play The Sims™ 4. How will your dream home look, what will your dream career be, find out when you play! #Sims4 

After we grab some snacks I will be heading back to my job as a writer, my beautiful home and my adoring son. (Thankfully my SIMS character has the same life on the game as I do in reality, well sorta lol) #CollectiveBias

I shopped at Walmart for my copy of The Sims™ 4. I grabbed some Sour Patch Kids Gum, soda, chips and candy for a day of enjoying the Latest PC Game. I encourage you to shop for the game soon since my store shelves were sold out!! 

Be sure to enter the SIMify yourself Facebook Contest here: There are $8000 in prizes to be won including the grand prize where you could win a trip to Maxis studio in California! See the official rules here:


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Unknown said...

I love the photos of you guys having real life Sims moments! Such a fun game, and even more fun that you can play together! #client

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