Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Activity Dice for Kids!

As the days get darker and rainier here in Washington we tend to spend more time inside the house, and the feelings of being cooped up start to set in. I am always on the hunt for frugal and DIY ways to keep ourselves active and entertained, these Activity Dice we made are a fantastic way to get them moving!

Very few supplies are needed. 1-2 "square like" boxes, wrapping paper of some kind, several colors of construction paper, a marker, scissors and tape.

 First wrap the boxes in paper for a clean surface. Then cut out a fun cloud shape out of the construction paper.

Then you write the activities on the construction paper. In order for the little ones who don't read yet, my oldest son drew a picture of the activity for the box sides and I wrote the words (so they were legible to everyone). Last we taped one picture on each side of the boxes.

Now the dice are ready to go!

Ashley loved to shake the dice!

The children had a great time throwing, tossing, running, jumping and flapping their wings with each roll of the dice! Although my daughter can't read or understand the pictures, she had a great time copying her big brothers while they laughed and played! This is a great indoor activity for children of any age.

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