Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Went on a walk to see what flowers we could find in our complex. We have many beautiful ones on the grounds. My son will fake sneeze anytime he sniffs a flower, hes a silly one!

Played a new outdoor game by the pool, ladder ball. My son loved that we were throwing balls at an object for fun! He did land some in the bushes and almost hit me a few times but it was fun.

Watched Men's College Gymnastics on TV. My son was using the top of the couch as a pommel horse lol. This is his landing pose with arms up in the air.

Practicing swimming in the pool with floaties on. I am so hoping in the next few weeks we can attempt more in the pool with no floaties. I wanted him to learn to swim by the end of this summer. He has mastered swimming with his head under the water, just need more paddling and kicking at the same time. We will get there.

We had a good weekend relaxing at home and spending time together. We are trying to enjoy the summer we have left. Thankfully it does not get cold until about October around here.

What did you do over the weekend?

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Betty Roberts said...

great pics! we love ladder ball. We went to the beach and the renaissance faire this weekend im still recovering from the exhaustion

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