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I have always been fascinated with History. I love watching the history channel and reading books about people from the past. I remember in elementary school when we had a project out find out our ancestry. I loved asking family members about our heritage. When I was in school there was no internet to google that type of stuff. We are lucky that now we can use places like to find out about past family members and famous people in American history. is featuring New England History over the last 400 years. See the picture below for fun facts and famous people from New England. I found it fascinating that as big as Maine is there are not many people in that state. Many profound influential people of change in American History are from New England. Philosophers, abolitionists, civil rights activist, presidents, founding fathers and authors all from the same area rich in American history.

I wonder more about my family and who we are related to. Do we have any famous people in our family tree? I can search immigration records to see when members of my family came over to the USA. Being a Mom I am also curious about my husbands side of the family for my son. I have heard some great stories about their American adventures through the Midwest and Texas to California that I would love to document through records. 

  New England Family History

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