Friday, June 28, 2013

Imagination Fun at the Sacramento Discovery Museum

We have an annual pass to the Sacramento Discovery Museum that I won from a local Sacramento Magazine. I had no clue what to expect from the museum. I have read its small but a fun interactive place for the kids. We went on Mother's Day to have a day of imagination play and discovery. They had many areas for the kids to play in. A whole kitchen area where kids can dress up as a chef and play with all the pretend play food in the kid size wooden fridge and stoves. My son had a great time pretending to make us all dinner.

His favorite part of the museum is the Space Discovery area. He enjoys the stars and the moon. I read him many books about space and the planets so this place was like his books coming alive, I loved that. We played with a toy that is very familiar to us, my son has one of the space toys the museum has that he loves.

The coolest part was the play room that looked just like a spaceship cockpit. There were buttons to push, computer parts to mess with and steering wheels to drive the spaceship into outer space. He loved putting on the astronaut helmet to pretend to be a space man as he called it. There were even space suits to put on. Many other kids were wearing them but there were not enough for my son to wear one too so he just wore the helmet. The hardest part was getting my son to get out of the space ship and out of his imagination mode of he was an astronaut, not really a bad thing though :)

This museum is more of a kids play zone, there is learning of course through play, the best way to learn. I think the museum part made me not understand what this place was. We had fun and even saw an live animal show with a tiny owl. We will be going back again soon to have a day of imaginary fun.

How do you encourage your children's imagination?

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