Monday, June 17, 2013

Cascade Platinum Cleaning Packs #myplatinum #sponsored

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating

The more I work the more I realize how I need easy one step items for my life. I do not want extra time spent on silly things that have easier solutions. One of those things is dishes!

Last week we had a couple friends over for dinner and I made sauteed veggies and sauteed potatoes to serve with chicken. I always use a stainless steel pan and a little bit of oil. I do not buy non stick pans so I need a good dishwasher detergent to get my dishes clean. I do a little pre-soaking in the sink and then into the dishwasher.

I use a natural dishwasher soap and it can be a little tough to get dirty pans clean with it. I want to avoid extra chemicals and streaks on my dishes but it does not always get my dishes clean the first time. For my latest food creation I am planning to use Cascade Platinum Cleaning Packs

My pan after cooking!

After cleaning the pots and pans from my dinner party I was surprised how clean the pan was. I do not always like to use a normal chemical detergent for everyday dishes but I can see Cascade Platinum being helpful for those days I need to use many pots and pans.

Cascade Platinum:

•       Delivers Cascade’s ultimate clean for dishes
Scrubs away tough 24 hour stuck-on food
Eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes
Provides exceptional dishware shine
Contains the Grease Fighting Power of Dawn

Clean Shiny Pots and Pans

As a blogger I love to make my dishes look beautiful. I want the food to stand out against the plate. I want the dishes to be perfect! Plus no extra scrubbing after the cooking!

Do you like to take pictures of your food? Show off your food photography skills for a chance to win prizes from Cascade and KitchenAid in the My Platinum Instagram Contest. Enter here : 

Gail Simmons the Top Chef Judge and Food + Wine magazine editor uses Cascade Platinum!

I know I will be entering the contest! I love to cook great meals, snap a photo and share on Instagram. I get so many great food ideas from there.

Please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest.

You can learn more about Cascade Platinum on their Facebook Page.


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