Sunday, May 26, 2013

Staying dry with Parent's Choice Overnight Diapers #ParentsChoiceDiapers

All thoughts and opinions are my own, I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to share my experience as part of this sponsored campaign from Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.

As my 2 year old is growing at what feels like a rapid rate, out growing everything it seems, especially his diapers. Diapers are not cheap and between him and his baby sister it can cost a small fortune! I am always searching for a great diaper at a great value, after all there are so many other things to worry about paying for these days that their diapers need to be affordable.
Liam just waking up and being his silly self.

My son is starting to potty train and still in diapers most of the time. Potty training can be rough, it is not going as quickly as it did with my first son and I keep having to buy more and more diapers, and often trying to figure out the right size and fit that will hold the longest. During the day he is changed often but at night it is a different story.

Liam sleeps 9-11 hours a night, I know lucky me right? Is is a good thing, until he wakes up wet and miserable from a leaky diaper. We have been there more than once. He needs something that will protect him the entire night so I won't have to worry about him starting off the morning on the wrong note, wet and cranky. I am on the hunt for a good, yet affordable diaper. Recently we tried the Parent's Choice Overnight Diapers.

The overnight diapers have an enhanced dryness layer, the soft inner liner is hypoallergenic and treated with vitamin E and aloe to protect your little ones skin protect. Not only are the Parent's Choice Overnight Diapers great protection for extended periods of time, they are a great value.  For a size 4 diaper, an 74 count you pay only $13.97 a pack. Seriously what a great price!

My son has been waking up dry and happy these days and I feel good knowing that we are able to save money, yet still have a valuable product. It is a win win for us!

So happy to be dry!!

Night time protection for babies is an important consideration for parents as their little one grows. Ordinary diapers may not have enough absorbent capacity to handle multiple voids over long periods of time with older babies. When wet mornings become the norm, parents start looking for more protection to guard against overnight leaks.Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers are super absorbent for overnight and long-trip protection. This is an overnight diaper at prices that everyone can afford! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.

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