Thursday, May 16, 2013

Invisalign: The clear alternative to metal braces!

* This is a sponsored post on behalf of SITS girls for Invisalign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Remember the days when metal braces were considered cool? Oh wait, neither do I! I guess it was cool to change out the color of your braces, colors like neon pink and green were always the go to choices in the 80's and early 90's. But having a mouth full of metal, all of the torture of frequent office visits and tightening of your braces are not on the top of anyone's fun list.


Years ago metal braces were just the way it was if you wanted straight teeth, there was no other option. But technology is changing and always advancing, now there is a clear alternative to metal braces with Invisalign. Invisalign is a custome-made series of aligner trays that are made of smooth, comfortable and almost invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth to slowly straighten them. They are perfect for pre-teens, teens and adults! Not only are they almost invincible but gone are the days of eating restrictions because you have braces, you get to take out your "braces" while you eat. Did I just say you can remove your braces? Yes I did!

Here is an example of the Invisalign!

You might be thinking, this can't be as effective as metal braces for my teen, or that you are too old for braces yourself. That is simply not true, Invisilign the perfect alternative for adults and teens. With Invisalign Teen, you or your teen will have the self confidence to smile while your teeth are being straightened and nobody even knows it! Another plus to Invisalign is that the cost of clear braces is comparable to the cost of metal braces, I am pretty sure that most teens (or adults) would opt for the clear alternative to braces. Right?

My six year old and I enjoying the sunshine!
I know that my children will most likely need braces in the near future, my husband never needed them, he was blessed with straight teeth. I on the other hand, not so much. Braces were a part of my life and they were not fun. You better believe that I will be getting Invisalign for my children when they need them! The dentist has already told us that our 6 year old will be needing them in the future. Great. We better start saving our pennies now!

Want to know if you or your teen is a candidate for Invisalign? It is simple, you can take a Smile Assessment and find out!

Have you or someone you’ve known used Invisalign? If so, what was their experience?


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